This web site is dedicated to learning how to play guitar from the beginning. As we build our capabilties and recruit talent,we will add other instruments and voice, but for now it’s just guitar, because that’s who we are and what we can share right now!

Rockonacademy.com is the brainchild of G. K. Baldwin, a seasoned guitar instructor, with experience teaching hundreds of students ages 6 -60 in Northern California, Iowa, and Ohio.  Yes, there are hundreds of other great sites, but we are challenging ourselves to have a site that:

  • Applies the latest technologies in teaching lessons.
  • Operates a site that is “not lame” per my teenage daughter’s opinion, while;
  • Being relevant for those embracing a music instrument of all ages
  • Helps parents make the right decisions when introducing their children to music

We hope to achieve this in the following environment:

  • Absence of annoying popups, over advertising, and hard sell techniques.
  • Free access to content that is original and not taken or fed from other sites.

That’s not to say we won’t have products and service to sell.   We will, but we’ll be cool about it.

GK Baldwin