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Update on Rockon Academy’s Status

Thank you if you have visited, or registered for this site. I have a series of projects, and this one is coming up next!! It is inactive at this moment, waiting for that necessary block of time to design and produce the lessons. When completed, you will have access to tutorials of high quality.

Looking forward to the future of Rock On Academy!

Guitar Zero – Are you too old to learn guitar?

Recently,as an aging musician, I became quite interested in my brain. That led to the purchase and devouring of every book I could find on the relatively new discoveries of the brain’s plasticity and how we’re not necessarily doomed for our minds to stop functioning at any date certain.

I recently discovered a book released this past year, by Gary Marcus, a neuroscientist, who chronicles his attempts and struggles to learn guitar at middle age, but adds the science behind it. Based upon an article on, I am ordering this today. Stay tuned for a full review, of Guitar Zero!

Playing guitar is for everyone

My next video lesson will discuss the myths and realities of learning guitar. While doing some research on playing guitar, I came across this inspiring video.

Okay, out of hiding, our first public video

Newbies Guide to Buying A Guitar

Good Deals from Amazon

Shop Amazon – Big Markdowns in Musical Instruments and Equipment: Save 25 – 75

Good Tab Site

Rodney Branigan Live – Body Language Performance

TTR Debuts in Athens Ohio

Rock On Contributer, Alana Baldwin makes her debut at Athens Rock Camp for Girls this past weekend, with a concert the final day last Saturday.  Hear her band TTR (Tendency to Rock) interviewed on WOUB-FM.